Plexus Polaire/The Dream Faculty

I'm currently working with the figure theater company Plexus Polaire (France/Norway) on a new pieced based on the book "The Dream Faculty"by the swedish writer Sara Stridsberg. The book is a litterary fantasy around the life and death of the American extreme feminist Valerie Solanas. Solanas wrote the SCUM-manifesto (Society for Cutting Up Men), but is most famous for shooting and trying to kill Andy Warhol. 

The director/creator/actor/puppetmaster is Yngvild Aspeli, orginally from Hamar, Norway - and she has made several successful productions that is still touring all over Europe. In this new piece I will be joining Yngvild on stage as a sort of one-woman-band, but also entering the stage as a character in the piece. The pre-production started already in 2015, and the premiere will be at Figurteateret i Nordland in September 2017. For more info about Plexus Polaire: