Ensemble neoN

Ensemble neoN strives to initiate, produce and perform music that reflects current trends in music and other artforms. Ensemble neoN hopes to be an inspirational contributor to the continually expanding borders of the musical world. The ensemble creates works which cross musical genres and artforms, demanding flexibility and creativity from its members and collaborators. Together with the Norwegian artist Susanna, Ensemble neoN released the album "The Forester" in 2013. For this they won the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannprisen). In 2015 the ensemble recorded their second album with new pieces by Jan Martin Smørdal, Julian Skar, Kristine Tjøgersen and Oren Ambarchi. The album will be released at Grappa in 2016.

Ensemble neoN at Molde International Jazz Festival 2014, with Susanna.